Commercial Engraving in Houston, TX

AAA Trophy and Engraving can help engrave barcodes, serial numbers, texts, or company logos with the help of our different engraving services. We engrave on a wide range of materials, and you can opt for our commercial engraving in Houston, TX.

Our professional services are designed to help with industry and commercial applications. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and advanced procedures, we strive to provide excellent results.

Our Commercial Laser Engraving Services

Laser technology has been a groundbreaking shift in the industrial and commercial sectors. Today, we have laser engraving solutions that serve as better alternatives to other marking technologies.

We provide laser engraving services to generate marking faster than before. Here are two laser technologies we incorporate in our commercial engraving in Houston:

FiberMark Engraving: A one-of-a-kind method of marking, our FiberMark engraving combines flying-optic design and presents high-quality results.

It is suitable for metal and plastic engraving; the materials compatible with FiberMark laser engraving include 303 Stainless, 4043 Steel, 6061 Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Fiber, Copper, GE Plastics Polycarbonate Resin 121-R, and more. The FiberMark laser technology involves a fiber optic cable covered in ytterbium and etches directly onto the surface of the material.

CO2 Laser Engraving: We also use CO2 laser engraving, which incorporates the focused power of light and marks various materials. Our professionally trained experts can control the CO2 laser with precision and engrave or cut on the target area of the material without damaging the surroundings.

The CO2 laser can engrave and cut on a wide range of materials, including Wood, Acrylic, Fabric, Leather, Matte Board, and more. On some materials, it only engraves, while on others, it only manages to make cuts.

We Provide Precise Sand Engraving Service

If you are planning to award your employees, students, sports teams, etc., with trophies, we have the right commercial engraving services in Houston.

Our sand engraving procedure uses pressurized steam of air and sand to engrave or carve into compatible materials. We prepare a delicate mask that leaves space for your desired engraving, which we manually place on the surface of the material.

Then, we sandblast the piece and leave a frosted impression on the trophy, plaque, or award.

The results are elegant and textured, with precise engraving on the stock. Our sand engraving is suitable for whiskey glass sets, wine glasses, crystal awards, beer pitchers, and more.

Hand-Crafted Diamond Engraving for Commercial Purposes

Are you looking for a more hand-crafted, beautiful engraving for your products? Our diamond engraving uses a diamond-tipped tool. We drag the tool over the surface of your product, scratching the material and revealing the color underneath.

When you consult us for commercial engraving in Houston, we will ensure you receive promising services. The diamond engraving is suitable for Brushed Aluminum, 4043 Steel, 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, and more. Whether you are looking to mark a trophy, an award, or any other product, we are here to help.

Engrave to Your Desire with Us!

AAA Trophy and Engraving is here to provide quality commercial engraving in Houston TX. When you talk to our skilled craftsman, you can look forward to exceptional commercial engraving in Houston, TX. Dial (713) 464-4766 to get started now!