Diamond Engraving in Houston, TX

When you are planning awards, trophies, or plaques, a little effort goes a long way. AAA Trophy and Engraving wants you to have the product you envision, which is why we provide custom awards, trophies, etc.

We have mastered the skill of scratching the surface and creating the perfect engraving on an item, thanks to our diamond engraving in Houston, TX. If you are looking for a traditional, handcrafted appearance, you are at the right place.

Introducing Diamond Engraving

Diamond engraving is a service where we scratch the surface of a trophy or award by using a diamond-tipped tool. Also known as ‘scratch engraving’ or ‘diamond drag engraving,’ the service involves dragging the diamond graver across the surface of the product that requires engraving.

The diamond-tipped tool actually removes material from the stock, revealing the underlying color in the process. It is among the most versatile engraving styles, and you can use it to engrave on family heirlooms and personal items. Our services include diamond engraving in Houston, TX, and you can make the most of it!

Reasons to Choose Diamond Engraving

We understand that you have more than one choice for engraving, and it can be confusing to pick one.

You will have to consider the pros and cons of each method to make a decision. A diamond-engraved trophy, award, or plaque might be a good idea when laser engraving does not work for the material.

We will create precise and accurate designs on the surface of your trophy or award. When you opt for our diamond engraving service in Houston, rest assured that we will strive to produce unparalleled precision.

A significant advantage of diamond engraving is that it is durable. When we engrave with our diamond-tipped tool, it removes the material from the surface and creates a deep impression. The longevity of this engraving makes it a good choice.

Another reason to opt for our diamond engraving service is the aesthetics. If you want a more traditional and personal touch, diamond etching creates the perfect effect. Our diamond scratch is what you need for a deep, elegant engraving on your awards.

Depth & Width of Diamond Engravings

If you are thinking of getting an award or another product diamond engraved, you need to consider the limitations.

The amount of pressure applied when we drag the stylus across the surface and the number of times the item is ‘struck’ will determine the depth of the engraving. Generally, the size of the diamond cutter is between .003’” and .005” — the width of your engraving will depend on the size of the diamond cutter.

Therefore, there are limited options for how bold the engraving will look. We can fix this issue by using multiple lined fonts in order to create a bolder look. Consult us for diamond engraving in Houston, and we will come up with the proper solution.

Custom Diamond Engraving Services!

AAA Trophy and Engraving is here to provide engravings of your choice. With our custom engraving services, you can choose the text and design you want on your awards, trophies, or plaques. Dial (713) 464-4766 to make the most of our diamond engraving in Houston TX!