Why Custom Awards Matter?

Custom awards, often extended by higher authorities on special occasions, hold significant meaning. These awards, crafted from high-quality materials like crystal, glass, or wood, can be tailored to reflect the unique contributions of the recipients. This personalized touch is the best way to show employees that their efforts are not only recognized but deeply appreciated within their respective fields and organizations.

Why Customization is Important?

A custom-engraved award shows that a company values its employees and they are being appreciated. They come with a meaning. Here are a few reasons why customized awards mean more in the corporate workplace.

  • Customizing awards gives it more meaning. You can engrave the recipient name, title, a short message of appreciation and featuring the company logo.
  • Custom awards foster recognition for your top performers.
  • It increases employee retention at the workplace.
  • It increases employee loyalty.

Custom Award Evoke Emotions and Memories

A custom award, separate from mass-produced awards, evoke a unique sense of emotion. Custom trophies can have different shapes, colors and designs, which means that effort has been put into making and designing them. Custom trophies always hold an edge over mass produced trophies. They add a sense of elegance and sophistication.

How Can You Customize Awards

Personalized gifts for employees combine the three main factors including:

  1. Knowledge of the Individual: Personalized appreciated gifts involve having the complete information of the employee as an individual. This may include their name, interests and designation.
  2. Detailed Description of Accomplishment: Personalized gifts provide a morale boost specific to the recipient's accomplishment. You can add a specific title, like salesperson of the year.
  3. Recognizing the Benefit to the Company: Custom trophies should specifically describe how they have helped the company increase sales, improve company culture, and improve teamwork.

Types of Customized Award Engraving

There are many types of engraving when it comes to making custom trophies and awards. The type of engraving depends on the material of your trophy. Here are some popular personalizing techniques for custom awards.

  • Abrasive etching
  • Laser
  • Sublimation

Recommended Fonts For Custom Award Engraving

Thinking about the right font is central to your custom awards. Different fonts can cause different feelings and make various impressions. Some of the favorable fonts may include Times New Roman, Helvetica Neue, freestyle script, black jack etc. It may also depend on your personal preference about choosing any final font for your trophy.

Other Personalized Appreciative Tokens

Apart from recognizing efforts, trophies can become a memorable token. The options however are endless. Some other examples are:

  • Plaque awards provide more room for inscription. You can write just more than a name and designation on a plaque award. As need be, they can make excellent alternatives.
  • Art glass awards can be a timeless and elegant option as a giveaway.
  • Engraved vases, clocks and other personalized items can be a perfect gift option for particularly those who are retiring or have served a good amount of time at your service.

Final Words

Trophies, in itself, are a meaningful giveaway. They foster a sense of appreciation and recognition within certain fraternities. You just need to think through the initial material, font, design and content to curate the best custom awards.

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