What Are Some Ways To Make Custom Trophies More Memorable?

Trophies are physical token of recognition. It can be handed over to you when you achieve milestones, break records or complete a specific tenure. Trophies are also very memorable. While there are many options of standard designed trophies, custom trophies can take the experience up a notch. But how can they be made memorable for the receivers? Let’s explore!

How Are Custom Trophies Different Than Traditional Trophies

Traditional trophies follow a standard style, design and are mass produced while custom trophies have a unique style and design. Here are some factors why custom trophies are different!

  • With custom trophies, you can get a variety of unique shapes, colors and elements that reflect the theme of any occasion or organization.
  • It provides a distinctive look that screams innovation.
  • They are highly personalized with specific names, dates, one-line quotes, or logos.
  • Custom trophies are created for special occasions or events such as award shows, corporate events or commemorative purposes.
  • They align with specific brand design and identity.
  • They require advanced production techniques, which may include custom molding, special materials, and even hand-crafted elements.
  • Custom trophies take longer to produce and are costly than traditional trophies.
  • Custom trophies can be made with a variety of conventional and unconventional materials such as plastic, wood, acrylic etc.

Make Your Custom Trophies Memorable

Any form of trophy or award is memorable but custom made ones take the edge. It is more special than a traditional, mass produced trophy. Here are some features that can make custom trophies more memorable.

Add Brand Logo

Custom trophies allow brands to add images that relate to their business. You can either add a proper image that resonates with the actual event or a brand logo. You can also opt for subtle colorful images that add to the elegance of your custom trophy.

Personal Details

Adding personal details such as name, position, designation or dates can add a memorable touch to custom trophies. This will help the recipient to look back and reminisce about the memory attached with the trophy. They will remember the actual day and fill with pride and contentment with their achievement.

Heartfelt Note

Personalized notes are a great way to add memory. Custom trophies can make ever-so-special mementos with genuine words of appreciation. You can also etch or engrave the message by hand. A note filled with gratitude and recognition can be a visual reminder to achieve more and more.

Meaningful Quote

You can also add a quote or motto that reflects personal and organizational values. The relevancy of the quote is highly important. If not a saying, you can pick a verse from any poem. All of which should be easily read and understood to make it memorable.

Include a Photo

Custom trophies can feature photos too. This can make the event and trophy more memorable. Some photo ideas can include a photo of the recipient, work team, family, or any special moment that freezes their achievement.

Closing Note

Custom trophies are a memory of their own. Unlike traditional trophies, you can add an element of personalization with custom trophies such as adding brand name, logo, colors, design, material choice, heartfelt notes, quotes or even photos.

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