How Much Does It Cost To Engrave An Award or Trophy?

Engraving a trophy gives it a highly personalized look and makes it more appropriate for awarding during any ceremonial function or competition. Engraving onto trophies means writing the winning position, or award category. You might also want to customize trophies and awards which are now readily available in the market in Houston, TX.

Most common questions around trophy and award engravings are their cost. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to it. This blog will talk about the various factors which may affect the total cost of engraving in Houston TX, for any corporate or individual customer.


It is quite understood that the type of material you choose will highly affect the final cost of engraving. Determining the quality remains a predominant feature for all your trophy engraving needs. Here are some common materials for reference.

1- Plastic or Resin Trophies

If you have a thin budget, plastic or resin material counts as the most affordable. You can get a variety of color options but it will lack finish as compared to other materials.

2- Metal Trophies

Alternatively, the most popular material used in trophies is metal. They come with several finishes including gold, silver and bronze. You can have your own custom design with company logo or other entries. You can also add engraving plates on trophies with or without any extra cost.

3- Glass Awards

Glass material is a chic option when it comes to trophy or award engraving. They come in multiple varieties regarding color and finish. You can add customizable elements as per your requirements.

Trophy Types

A range of materials and designs in modern trophy manufacturing enable their creation suited for a range of purposes and customizable needs.

1- Sports Trophies

If you are looking for recognition trophies for any sports event, be prepared for a budget from $500-$5000 depending on the type of material, quality and personalization elements.

2- 3D Trophies

You can go for a 3D trophy for your company or any event which requires you to recognize the efforts of exemplary employees for example years of service.

3- Championship Trophies

Depending on the nature and scale of the event, championship trophies range the highest among all. They can start from $10,000 to anywhere till $50,000.

4- Custom Elegant Awards

Elegantly designed and curated awards that are presented in Oscars or other ceremonies can also be a great option for recognizing talent or dedication.


Trophies and awards are means of recognizing talents of your students, employees or other corporate milestones. Whether it is winning a competition or giving out awards for recognition, AAA Trophy can help you customize your trophy with one of their best and advanced trophy engraving services in Houston TX. Call us at (713) 464-4766.

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